Infrastructure Management:

Infrastructure Management

The cost of hardware has reduced significantly over the years. But, the cost of services required to manage and support it is continuing to rise ever so fast. Miracle's Infrastructure Management Group provides management and support services in the IT Infrastructure area and focuses on increasing the uptime, improving performance levels and quality of support while reducing costs.

Miracle has vast experience in supporting our global client base in various infrastructure management areas including data center management, disaster recovery, enterprise system management, helpdesk support, call center operations and network planning and management. Our Infrastructure Service Management practice offers the following services:  

Infrastructure Planning and Management

Miracle has extensive skills in formulating infrastructure strategies; designing highly scalable enterprise architectures and helping businesses understand their current network infrastructure and emerging network technologies. We work with you to design a flexible and secure high performance network.

Miracle has the skills, resources and experience to perform entire IT infrastructure audits and produce innovative architectures and solutions to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Whether you want to create new infrastructure or redesign the existing infrastructure for specific challenges such as designing for high availability, managing increased data volumes, improving security or managing your storage challenges, Miracle works with you to support your connectivity as well as your organizational and strategic goals.

Network and Systems Management

has extensive experience in managing massive networks and wide range of systems. We help you in designing, optimizing and maintaining your networks and systems with an aim to increase thru-put and uptime while reducing the cost of support. Our range of Network and Systems management services include storage management, performance monitoring, turnkey resources management, administration, security and continuous monitoring of application systems. Our expertise covers a wide range of Network Management Systems, Operating environments, Back-up and storage systems, Databases and Application and Web servers.

Production support

Miracle has extensive experience in supporting mission critical infrastructure. Miracle 's production support services includes providing enhancements and modifications to existing systems, producing reports and managing information, monitoring and tuning application software, installing and testing upgrades, correcting software errors, providing user support when problems and/or questions arise, responding to end-user emergencies, providing training, developing specifications for system software, coordinating the installation and implementation of packaged software, performance tuning, mediating between the software vendor and the user, and investigating new technologies.

Infrastructure Security

In the e-economy environment, where organizations are web-enabling applications and are building gateways to provide access to customers, suppliers and employees, Infrastructure Security has become a very critical issue. Miracle has expertise in planning, designing, developing and operating a secure infrastructure environment for large enterprises. Miracle's Infrastructure Security group works with clients to develop security policies, design network security architecture and plans, perform security audits, design firewalls, analyze vulnerability and risk, and develop intrusion monitoring and detection systems. Miracle’s infrastructure security management services include the implementation, enhancement, and 24*7 monitoring of enterprise network security.



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