Data Management:

Database Administration

We offer a full range of on-site and remote database administration services for US national clients with 40% to 60% cost savings compared to consultants approach of database administration costs.  

1. Remote Database Administration  

Remote Database Administration has been making database environments a powerful source of corporate value. Remote DBA services provide companies with an alternative method of managing their databases that significantly reduces costs while improving database quality and performance. These improvements help companies achieve better efficiency which leads to higher revenue.

Reduce the Costs of Database Management

We are providing solution to improve database uptime and reduce the costs of database Administration. We are not charging for our consultants as per hour basis, we are providing one flat rate for each database or server for a year.

We will do...

·         Installation of Database Server.

·         Configured the Database server to run maximum efficiency state. 

·         Apply the Service Packs and security fix as soon released from the vendor.

·         Monitor the database server 24/7/365.

·         Proactive Management for database servers.

·         Backup and restore Databases

·         Problem Management.  

  • 24 x 7 availability with guaranteed response time.

  • Tuning databases and servers.

  • Disaster recovery.

This solution has proven effective in immediately reducing budgets for support while providing more efficient databases.

Increasing Database Uptime 

Companies are invested millions of dollars in mission critical applications like Customer Relationship management, Enterprise Resource Planning, E-commerce and Legacy Business applications. All these applications data's are resides in various databases like SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix and Access. These databases are  needs to be  run 24/7 and 365 days with out any down time to deliver optimal Business performance and employee productivity with minimal IT budget. Remote Database Administration service provides 24/7/265 coverage with proactive management to avoid before database breaks down.

Proactive Management

Downtime can cost companies thousands, even millions, of dollars each year. Databases can fail for lots of reasons. But one of the most common reasons for failure is a simple lack of proactive maintenance by knowledgeable DBAs. Between supporting new software development, attending strategy meetings, training, and normal downtime, it is often hard for an internal DBA to focus on being proactive. More often than not, problems don't get focused on until they have already affected the company's bottom line.

With pre-set service levels, our team can concentrate on proactively tuning your databases, backing up your data and avoiding problems before they happen. This frees your resources to focus on strategic tasks without the worry about doing the daily upkeep.

Guaranteed Service

Miracle doesn't view itself as simply another vendor, but rather as a partner in the on-going effort to improve your IT environment. We are part of the team… and being part of the team means being held accountable for our work. We expect it of our employees and we hope that you expect it of us.

That is why we provide guarantees to our service levels. If we miss a service level we are subject to a financial penalty… it is that simple. The question you should ask is why all of your vendors don't offer you the same. We are confident in our service, confident in our employees, and confident in our ability to provide you with superior service.

Through the SLAs, Contemporary Technologies guarantees the performance of critical areas including:

  • Database Availability

  • Backup and Recoverability

  • Problem Management

  • Change Management

  • Quality Management

  • Proactive Database Monitoring

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Customer Defined Service Levels
    Tailored to Meet Specific Needs

How it Cost less?

Remote database administration services is cost efficient way compared with in-house DBA.

There are possibilities with in-house DBA either Employees or highly priced consultants.

For Employees you pay salary, benefits, health insurance, vacation, training, holidays and 401 k. You also pay for vacation, sick days, holidays, and training days. For consultants you pay like $70 to $100/hour and operating expenses.

We can offer 40% to 60% less compared to conventional database administration and improve the database uptime and efficiency.  To get detailed ROI calculation.

DBA Team Approach

Here's the issue… DBAs can cost a lot of money. So most companies can only afford a few of them. And then those few resources get pulled here and there and end up involved in lots of projects… projects that are strategic and important to the company's growth. But then the question is "who is minding the store?" Often times the day-to-day tactical maintenance support is delegated to those with the least training and the least experience. But the simple mistakes by these individuals can cost a company millions of dollars… in lost revenue… lost production… lost customers.

Miracle provides a focused solution that applies only highly trained and certified DBAs to your day-to-day database management. Our DBAs have, on average, 9+ years of front line database experience. Their experience helps ensure that each data environment is optimized and remains available. Team approach makes sure that there are several qualified DBAs available of your data environment, so if there is an issue any of our group can make sure that the crisis is resolved quickly and professionally.

Miracle also eliminates the issues related with DBA turnover. Companies are no longer at risk if an employee leaves the company. There is no expense to them related to finding and training a replacement… and no risk of coverage problems until that resource can be brought on-board.

Databases /Platform Support

We support many of the most widely used relational database environments used by companies today, including:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 

  • Oracle 

  • Sybase  

  • MySQL

  • DB2

We support these databases on various platforms including:

  • Windows 

  • All flavors and releases of UNIX

  • Linux 



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