Miracle Property Suite:

In US real estate market, currently real estate agents uses a system that is outdated and each property information and activities related to that property are updated manually in the system. Property registration process also involves lot of paper work. For every property separate file has be maintained according to name of seller property details.

The existing system have many disadvantages, those are it is very difficult job to find a suitable property for the buyer specifications. Existing system is designed such a way that it runs very slow, so that retrieval of required information is become difficult and time consuming. The property data entry screens are not designed for ease of use. The current systems donít have a better data security and the reporting systems also need to be improved. There are no mobility accesses to the central database. The cost of maintaining existing system is very expensive.

Miracle Property Suite is highly flexible one and is well efficient to make easy interactions with the client. All the data entry screens used by the real estate agents and clients are user friendly and easy to use.

Since the product is online based, sellers can register themselves and upload the property details directly to the system. They buyers can register themselves and search the properties according to their requirements, different criteria like price, location and property specifications.

Agents productivity can be improved tremendously because they can accesses all their business information like buyers, sellers, leads, active clients all the information are available in central location and available via mobile devices. Agents can streamline daily activities and manage different tasks on the move.

The following technology will be used to develop and host the product, which are ASP.NET.45, C#, .NET Frame Work, SQL Server 2012 R2, Share Point server, Java, IIS Server, Java, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, AJAX, Windows XP, NT, 7.8, 8.0 and 8.1, IE8 and Chrome.


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